School Participation Agreement

In order to display and use the Silver Stories logo on letterheads, website and other school documentation all we would ask is that you download, review, sign and return the agreement below:

Download Agreement

Additional Guidance

Silver Stories is a simple but effective way of creating intergenerational contact by connecting Silver Readers (young readers) with Silver Listeners (older less abled and usually isolated members of society). Learn more by reading the guidance document below:

Download Guidance

Reading Record

  • We have created a reading record so that you can write down each time you have read a story or poem with your ‘Silver Listener’.
  • When you have read 10 times to your Silver Listener you can download a 10 reads certificate to celebrate your reading and show how much joy you have brought to your Silver Listener.
  • Each time you read for another 10 times you can download more certificates showing up to a 100 reads.
  • When you go into school you can take the reading record and certificates with you to celebrate what you have been reading.

Silver Stories Posters

Silver Stories Logo Download

Silver Stories Logo

If you require our ‘Silver Stories’ Logo ID to print for a letterhead or Press article, please feel free to click on the logo image and this will download a PDF to your computer.

Silver Stories – File Formats

If you require the Silver Stories logo as an eps, tif, jpeg or png please click the link below.

Silver Stories Logo 2020