Toto the Ninja Cat: Dermot O’Leary

Broadcaster Dermot O’Leary has written these fun chapter books following Toto the Ninja Cat, a brave and bold feline with some seriously impressive ninja skills. Full of action, adventure and a whole lot of humour for all readers and listeners.

The Racehorse who disappeared

Another great read in Clare Baldings series about reluctant racehores Noble Warrior. The animal won the Derby and saved her family a financial crisis. Heartwarming and funny.

The Racehorse who learned to Dance

Clare Balding’s popular series of equine themed books are fun and well loved by all readers. In this installment of the series Charlie’s racehorse ‘Noble Warrior’ won the Derby against all odds and bested a bunch of nasty kidnappers.

David Walliams

A brilliant, best-selling author who is popular with older children. Titles include ‘Grandpa’s Great Escape’, ‘Mr Stink’, ‘Gangsta Granny’ and ‘The Boy In The Dress’.