Q. I would like my mother/grandmother to be a Silver Listener, how do I go about doing this?

A. We are more than happy to receive contact from adult children or grand children but would ask that they first gain the consent of their relative before putting them forward to us and that this consent is declared in the email with a contact number for the Silver Listener as well as for the nominator.

Q. What information should be shared?

A. It is important that no other personal details apart from name and telephone numbers are shared between Silver Readers or Silver Listeners, this is to safeguard both the Silver Listener and Silver Reader, but there is a brief introductory chat at the beginning and then end of the call.

Q. How often should a Silver Reader read to the Silver Listener?

A. We recommend that contact should be once a week at a regular time, for example every Monday at 2pm.

Q. How long should the Silver Reader read for?

A. The Silver Reader should usually read for approximately 10 minutes at any one time.

Q. Can I read a long story to the Silver Listener?

A. If the reader wants to share a longer story then this would be  spread across several calls, remember reading is generally for no more than 10 minutes. It may be that they share a chapter on each phone call.

Q. When the Silver Reader finishes their first story can they start a new story or does the contact stop?

A. The contact between the Silver Reader and Silver Listener can last literally for  many months or years and the Listener and reader will share many stories together.

Q. On the Silver Stories website there is a resources page with certificates, what are these for?

A. We have created a reading record so that you can write down each time you have read a story or poem with your ‘Silver Listener’, after each ten reads the child can access a certificate. If the child wishes, these reading records can be shared with the child’s school.

Q. When can I download a certificate?

A. When you have read to your Silver Listener on 10 occasions  you can download a certificate to celebrate your reading and show how much joy you have brought to your Silver Listener. There is a different certificate for each accumulated 10 reads.

Q. How many certificates can I download?

A. Each time you read for another 10 times you can download more certificates, showing up to a 100 reads.

Q. What can I do with the certificates?

A. When you go into school you can take the reading record and certificates with you to celebrate what you have been reading, you can put them up in your bedroom or on the fridge! Display them with pride.