Silver Stories is proudly sponsored by Alertacall, an award winning company that brings contact to life for tens of thousands of people.

Established in 2004 Alertacall was inspired by the needs of Eveline the founder’s own staunchly independent grandmother who was 86 years old.

Alertacall now provides its OKEachDay digitally enhanced daily contact service to 1,000s of people all over the UK who are older or with additional needs.

Alertacall also works with forward thinking social housing providers who use its Housing Proactive service to communicate more effectively with older people living in their properties.

Alertacall supports Silver Stories by:

  1. Working with its client base to identify potential listeners
  2. Funding outreach to schools and other organisations who may have listeners
  3. Funding outreach to other organisations who may have listeners
  4. Supporting the charity with software development
  5. Engaging its own people in Silver Stories related initiatives

To find out more about the OKEachDay daily contact service from Alertacall designed for independent people living on their own, visit

To find out more about Alertacall’s other services, including those for social housing providers, then visit the company’s main website at