David Carney-Haworth OBE

David Carney-Haworth OBE is a retired police sergeant and is the co-creator of Silver Stories and the charity Operation Encompass.

David retired after serving 30 years in two police forces and now spends his time voluntarily running both charities with his wife, Elisabeth.

Elisabeth Carney-Haworth OBE

Elisabeth Carney-Haworth OBE is a retired Head Teacher and is the co-creator of Silver Stories and the charity Operation Encompass.

Elisabeth retired after serving children and education in a variety of roles for over 42 years. She now spends her time voluntarily running both charities with her husband, David.


Dame Esther Rantzen, DBE

Internationally renowned TV celebrity and journalist, Dame Esther Rantzen DBE is equally recognised for her creation of two charities, Childline and Silverline.

Esther is also a Patron for Operation Encompass.

Esther has been aware of Silver Stories since she first saw it in practice in the school where it was created. She encouraged David and Elisabeth ( the creators of Silver Stories)  to launch Silver Stories as a charity and was keen to be a trustee.

She says of Silver Stories…

“Children and older people are natural partners, and Silver Readers take great pride in the joy they give when they read to their Silver Listeners. A simple idea, but like so many simple ideas, incredibly effective at creating links between the generations, gently fostering a love of reading, and spreading happiness. “

Dr Emma Corrigan

Educational, Child & Community Psychologist

Emma is a HCPC Registered Educational Psychologist, with extensive experience of working with families, schools and education providers to support children and young people in their social-emotional wellbeing, learning and personal development. Emma provides assessment, coaching, training and supervision across educational settings and facilitates person-centred approaches to strengthen young people’s participation and inclusion.

“Silver Stories encapsulates so many of the values I hold personally and professionally; it facilitates the power of positive adult-child relationships, connection across the generations, community cohesion and growth across social, emotional and cognitive domains. It is a privilege to be Chair of Trustees for this wonderful charity and to be part of its extremely exciting future.” – Emma Corrigan

Richard Marsh

Having enjoyed a successful career in education I wish to continue working, on a part time basis to enhance and enjoy my retirement. My roles presently include customer facing work as well as continuing to use my hobby experience.

It is my privilege to be involved in the work of two charities: Operation Encompass- which supports children who have experience domestic abuse. And, Silver Stories- which develops intergenerational links between senior citizens and young readers

Paul Smythe

Paul is currently the Library and Community Hub manager in Torpoint, Cornwall, a position that enables him to fulfil his passion for enriching the lives of all individuals, by connecting communities, improving wellbeing, and promoting equality through learning, literacy and cultural activities.  So when he was invited to become a Silver Stories trustee, it was no surprise that he accepted the invitation without hesitation.

Classed as a key worker during the pandemic, in addition to providing restricted library services, he provided a “Books on Wheels” home delivery service for those with no access to digital books, plus assisted a COVID-19 Mutual Aid group with starting a local Food Bank.

Previously, Paul was an RAF Photographer by trade, with over 30 years worldwide military service.  Having provided photographic and video capture support, before working in military training environments performing analysis, delivery and assurance roles, Paul was promoted to Head of the RAF Photographer trade.  A role in which he was directly accountable for the coordination of operations delivered by 123 military and civilian frontline staff at 32 locations worldwide.

Lydia Baggaley

Apart from being an avid reader, Lydia brings a youthful perspective to the work of Silver Stories. Lydia has just completed her A levels and is currently taking a gap year before attending university.

Nita Shah

I have been working in PR and Corporate Communications for over 20 years, starting in at a leading financial PR agency before an in-house role at an investment management company. In 2004, I left to set up my company, Shahrp, providing freelance support to my own direct clients and working with larger consultancies.

I have used my transferable skills to help companies and organisations predominantly in the financial and professional services sectors.

I was touched when I learned about the wonderful initiative, Silver Stories and wanted to get involved myself, as well as signing up my children, who have been enjoying being Silver Readers.

I love how accessible Silver Stories is to all, and how such a simple concept brings much joy to readers and listeners alike.

Rachel Ewan-Corrigan

Student at the University of Reading
Neuroscience and Psychology undergraduate student

Rachel is an undergraduate student studying Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Reading. With a wide access to research sources and materials as well as a thorough understanding of the biological and cognitive explanations for memory loss, Rachel provides valuable insight into the relationship between storytelling and reminiscing as a form of supportive intervention. Rachel is passionate about supporting community projects and has a keen interest in ways to help people’s mental health and wellbeing across the lifespan.

“I have been inspired by the wonderful work of Silver Stories and how it provides a rare and valuable opportunity for the younger and older generations to interact with one another enabling far reaching benefits emotionally, physically and cognitively. I hope that everyone has an opportunity to be involved; I believe Silver Stories to be so special and I am honoured, excited and grateful to be a part of this amazing charity.” – Rachel Ewan-Corrigan