Communicating across the generations

Silver Stories

Children (known as Silver Readers) telephone a Silver Listener and then read a short story or poem to them.

This not only helps the children to become more confident in their reading skills but also links our children to the elderly community and helps diminish their chances of feeling isolated.

Calling all readers!

Schools and parents can get involved in Silver Stories. We will provide you with all of the information and guidance to get started.

Children who become Silver Readers can become more enthusiastic about reading and the benefits it can bring our communities.

Calling all listeners!

Could you or someone you know benefit from weekly telephone contact?

Would you or someone you know enjoy hearing a child read?

This is a poem written by Doris Turner (age 87 years), a ‘Silver Listener’.
Doris lives in a nursing home in Manchester.

I have often thought what a great idea
It really is a joy to hear,
To hear you children having your say
I really look forward to every Thursday,
Dear children as you happily speak
I look forward to hearing you every week,
Keep up the good work and all you do,
Best wishes and a HUGE thank you.

We'd love more schools, readers & listeners to enrol in the Silver Stories scheme. To take part or learn more please get in touch...
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